Our Values

Delivering Long-term benefits for present and future generations


At SolEire, we recognise that our venture is long-term and we are committed to developing and managing our assets in a sustainable manner thereby minimising any impact on the environment and providing long-term benefits for the communities in which we operate, the wider environment, economic sustainability and future generations.


At SolEire, we apply the highest standards of integrity to every aspect of our business building trust with our stakeholders who are integral to our operations and goals.


At SolEire, we are proud to be part of an endeavour that is improving our environment and the societies in which we live. That is why we are enthusiastic about our work and optimistic about the contribution we are making towards a more sustainable future and contributing to Climate Change and Zero Emissions by 2050.


Our business begins with respect for the environment which engenders trust in those we work with. We carry that respect throughout all our collaborations with landowners,

neighbours, and other key stakeholders to build a business founded on mutually beneficial and effective working relationships to achieve our mission statement.